Mobile Communication

IMST offers a comprehensive package of antenna services for mobile and cellular devices to standards such as GSM, EDGE, UMTS, LTE, WiMAX, Bluetooth, WLAN, UWB and ISM and  more.

IMST offers:

  • RF and Antenna Design
  • Concept Studies and Antenna Consulting
  • RF and Antenna Measurements
  • Antenna Prototyping
  • CE, EMC and SAR Certification

IMST has years of experience in the design of multiband antennas for wireless devices and mobile communications, including diversity and MIMO technologies. Our strength is the customized design of antennas for sensors, remote control systems, mobile phones, complex communication systems, and automotive applications. Our extensive know-how and powerful simulation tools enable us to optimize antenna designs according to the specific shape of mobile phone devices, while taking into account the effects of nearby parts when the antenna is integrated into a given application. We can also analyze and compensate for the effects of the user’s presence on the antenna performance.